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Requiring fewer components than other systems, roller roof blinds are usually one of the best value for money blinds. Larger widths can be achieved on shaped blinds therefore cost can be kept to a minimum by covering multiple panes where applicable. If cassettes are not required this can keep cost down further. Pleated and roman roof blinds are approximately the same price but usually more expensive than roller.

Most pleated blind companies like to work on a one blind per pane principal. There are two pleat size options available. 20mm is now the most common and recent but the older 25mm is still available. Pleat size for roofs are not as important as rebated side window blinds and some might argue that stacking is improved for 25mm pleats. There are generally less fabric options for the older 25mm but they do tend to be cheaper. Pleated fabrics themselves will affect the cost of blinds. There are many manufacturers to choose from. Pinoleum is usually the most expensive option due to its complex nature. If a liner is required this can increase cost significantly.

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