Blind width

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Fabric width generally governs the maximum width of a blind with a few exceptions. However there can be many variable factors to also consider. Pleated, roman and some pinoleum roof blind systems use a float rail and are usually restricted to 1500mm – 1600mm. Any larger and the float rail, which is used to transport the fabric, may bow. Systems using more substantial float rails can accommodate wider blinds. Pinoleum cannot exceed a particular fabric area as the weight of the fabric would impair operation. As a result it is better to have two smaller width blinds than one large one if a long drop is required.

Rectangle roller blinds can be manufactured up to 2 metres and shaped blinds up to 2.2 metres by stitching extensions. Again fabric area has to be taken into consideration. Where possible it’s preferable to have one blind cover two panels or more. This looks more aesthetic, keeps cost down and reduces light gaps.

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