Electric Conservatory Blinds

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Electric conservatory blinds are a must if you want to enjoy your newly built conservatory all year round. Conservatories can be an incredible addition to a home, offering the most relaxing space for every member of the family to find his peace of mind. However, because of the large windows and the glass roof, maintaining a pleasant temperature inside a conservatory can be difficult. Also, when the sun is strong, you need a system that protects you and the objects inside the conservatory against UV rays and the harmful effect of sunlight. Therefore, installing blinds is a necessity when it comes to spaces like conservatories. One of our specialities is roof roller blinds, these also come in electric format.

Blinds are a must have item in every conservatory, so if you haven’t installed a set of blinds yet, you should browse through our collection of conservatory blinds and decide on the type, model, fabric, colour, texture and operation system. It is very important to match the blinds to the overall interior design of your conservatory. Blinds are not only very helpful items, but also design elements that can enhance the beauty of a conservatory, and offer a pleasant view to both people who look at them from the inside and those that admire them from the outside.

Our company has a long experience in the business, and knows the value of perfectly fitted conservatory blinds. Because conservatory windows are large, people who want to install blinds have to make a considerable purchase in order to cover both the windows and the roof. That is why we offer to send our experts to make the measurements for your future blinds, wherever you live in the UK. We can send a large number of blind sets all over the UK, fast and at a low cost. Choose our company and you will enjoy the highest quality at the most affordable price, advice from professionals with a significant experience in installing blinds in the most different spaces, our free measurement service and an impressive range of electric blinds to choose from.

Installing electric blinds in a conservatory

Glass walls offer an incredible view, and that is what makes conservatories such amazing places. However, the same glass walls imply low temperature and light control. People who own conservatories are very unhappy about the fact that they cannot spend a great time in their conservatories in the winter, when it is too cold inside, or in the summer, when it is too hot, and the sun is unbearable. Installing blinds is a solution to all these problems.

Conservatory blinds offer increased temperature control, because they maintain the interior temperature in the winter, and reflect the sunlight in the summer, keeping a cool atmosphere inside. Their thermal properties help house owners extend the period of time they enjoy their conservatories. By installing conservatory blinds, you will no longer enjoy your conservatory only in the spring or autumn, but in every season.

Besides temperature control, blinds also offer light control. By lowering the blinds, you can protect the plants you have in the conservatory from withering, you furnishings from losing their vivid colour, and your family’s health against UV rays. So, no matter the time of the day, you, your family and pets, will spend a relaxing and pleasurable time in the conservatory.

A third benefit of conservatory blinds is their increased privacy protection. Large windows imply a low level of privacy. Every passing stranger is able to see inside the conservatory, and that could mean a low level of comfort for the inhabitants. If there are tall buildings near the conservatory, the people that live there might be able to see inside your conservatory through the glass roof.

When your conservatory is not protected against the curiosity of other people, a system that prevents them from seeing what happens inside your conservatory is of outmost importance. With the help of our conservatory blinds, you will be able to protect your privacy, whenever you want. Lower the blinds, and you will shut the whole world out.

The benefits of electric blinds

If you install electric blinds in your conservatory, the number of benefits will increase dramatically. First of all, lowering, raising and adjusting the blinds will be effortless. Imagine what a hassle it would be to lower the blinds on all your windows, considering their height and area. Manually operating the blinds is quite a nuisance. Not to mention the effort it would take to adjust roof blinds! But with the help of electrically powered blinds, operation becomes a piece of cake. You can use a switch or a remote control, push a button, and the blinds will lower or rise. You can control only a set of blinds, or group the blinds and control different areas. This way, you can lower a group of blinds, while keeping other groups in their original position.

The hi-tech features offered by electric blinds will further increase your comfort. You can use the timer setting and choose the times of the day when the conservatory blinds will adjust themselves automatically. Heat control and light control settings will help you maintain the perfect temperature in the conservatory, without your having to do anything. The automatic adjustment of the blinds will ensure the proper amount of light and heat in the conservatory, depending on the parameters you choose.

There is no doubt that electric blinds are a huge upgrade to a conservatory; you can choose different types of blinds for yours: roller blinds, blackout blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, etc. – the choices are numerous, and our company offers them all. Contact us right away and we will help you decide on the most appropriate model of blinds, considering the positioning, area and shape of your conservatory windows, the amount of light and temperature in the area where you live, the natural shading of the conservatory, the interior design, furnishings and colours of the conservatory, and of course, you budget limitations.

No matter the model of electric conservatory blinds you opt for, you can be sure that it will be one of the best investments in the comfort of your family and the design of your home