Cooling your Sunroom with Conservatory Roof Roller Blinds

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If you do not want things to get too heated up in your conservatory, you should consider installing conservatory roof roller blinds. They will help you turn this space into a room that you can actually use.

With conservatories, it is almost impossible to control the amount of light coming in or the temperature without the help of shades. As they are made of glass, they are very inviting for sunlight and heat. Therefore, if you want to use this space all year round as an office or even as a relaxing area, you will need to set up blinds for the roof of your conservatory.

In this case, roller blinds are the best option, as they offer the best light control. You can go for total blackout ones, for optimal results and privacy. Depending on the type of fabric you choose, you can have different degrees of protection against sun glare and UV rays.

We can supply you with roller blinds for any type of conservatory, whether you have a Victorian one, an Edwardian or Georgian, a P’ Shape, a T Shape or a Lean-to conservatory. You can choose from our standard models or you can go for custom-made shades, for a better fit.

You might think that a conservatory roof brings problems when it comes to installing the right size and shape of blinds, but you need not worry. We provide a free measurement service, so we can send our specialists to any part of the UK. They will analyse your conservatory and give you advice about the best options available, so you can buy the perfect shades for your roof.

What to Expect with Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are made of a flat fabric that is rolled around a barrel in order to raise the shades or unrolled for them to lower. Generally, roller blinds roll off the back of the tube, on the side closest to the window. However, you can also go for the reverse roll blinds that best suit Victorian conservatories, as they reduce the space between the blinds. The reverse roll also allows you to “hide” the back of the fabric for a discrete look. If you want to convert classic roll to reverse roll you only have to invert the control end and the plug end, which you can do with most shades.

These blinds are a perfect fit for the roof of your conservatory as they can be adjusted using a bracket system. Consequently, you will be able to block a lot of the sunlight. If you go for the aluminium-backed ones, you can get the best light reflectivity for a better thermal control. You can choose blackout blinds, in order to block the light completely and to get more privacy.

Roller blinds come with a big advantage because the range of materials to choose from is extremely varied. According to the role that you are giving to your conservatory, you can opt for a more warm appearance or a more official one. You also have numerous colour options available, so you can match the blinds to the other elements of the conservatory, like furniture or carpets.

This type of blinds is the most appropriate for conservatory roofs, as it can be fitted into larger glass areas as well. It is so versatile that we can supply it for any kind of conservatory roof shape and size. Roller blinds will give your roof a contemporary, simple but stylish look. As it is a one-piece kind of blind, it does not require a lot of maintenance. Moreover, the operating system is rather simple and does not involve many cords. These aspects contribute to the resilience of your blinds, making them more reliable than any other type.

The trouble with conservatories is that they are obviously transparent, so you get little privacy. Many people are restrained by this aspect and do not use their conservatories at their full potential. However, installing roller blinds for your conservatory’s roof changes the situation completely. These shades can keep away wandering eyes, while still allowing you to control the light that comes in. Therefore, you will be able to use your conservatory as a normal room, even during the night.

As for sunny summer days, roller blinds can offer you the protection your furniture needs against harmful sun glare and UV rays, preventing discoloration caused by a long exposure to sunlight. When it comes to temperature control, roller blinds will help to keep the room cooler on summer days and to prevent heat loss during winter, which will be great for saving energy.

We can supply our roller blinds to any part of the UK and if you own a larger conservatory, our company is definitely the best for you, as we can offer you large numbers of blinds for any kind of large premises.

If you are worrying about the costs, you should know that we offer great quality products at low budget prices, as we source the shades directly from the manufacturers. Our blinds may be cheap, but we assure you that they are resilient and that they can provide a luxurious appearance with the right choice of fabrics and colours.

Therefore, with our help you can turn your conservatory into one of the most used rooms in your house. Why should you not benefit from the advantages that this space offers? You can sit back on the couch installed in your conservatory and enjoy a good afternoon read. Our roof blinds will block the sunlight so you will not be bothered by the direct sun glare. You can invite your friends over for a cup of tea and relax together. Our blinds can be adjusted so that you allow in exactly the amount of light you want. You can also use your computer, because our roof blinds will provide you the visibility that you need when watching your screen.

The ways in which you can use your conservatory are various. However, it is clear that you need conservatory roof roller blinds so that you can enjoy the time spent in this room and our company is the best at offering you the blinds you need.