Glare reduction and light penetration

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Some fabrics reduce glare more than others. More light penetration usually means less heat reduction. It is best to establish which of these is most important before going further.

Pinoleum probably lets through most light and is often described as a dappled light. Where heat is concerned it will do a reasonable job but if more heat reduction is required then a liner should be added.

Pleated, roller and roman fabrics without aluminium backing let a good degree of light through and will do a good job in a north facing conservatory

Aluminium backed fabrics will give the highest glare reduction but the two types will give varying results

The stitching technique actually allows some light to penetrate though. Due to thousands of stitch holes (approximately four every 2mm squared) around 25% light still penetrates. This is similar to the pinhole camera effect, an optical illusion. Resulting in a much more natural effect and still gaining considerable heat and glare reduction.

The bonding technique sandwiches an aluminium foil between polyester fabric and plastic coating. This keeps out a little more heat than the stitched method but does have the drawback of being a blackout fabric. However, if matching roof fabric with window, can give a better appearance when viewed from outside.

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