Heat control

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Roof blinds can reduce conservatory temperature by 6 – 12 degrees Celsius depending on fabric type. Standard pleated and roller fabrics will usually give around 6 degrees. Pinoleum will give a similar reduction even though air flows more freely through it. This is probably due to the wood slats being much thicker than fabric thus compensating for any gaps between them. A liner option can be added if further heat reduction is required but this is at the expense of not seeing sky through the blinds which can be one of the major benefits of pinoleum. Roller, pleated and roman aluminium backed blinds tend to reduce temperature most. Around 12 degree Celsius heat reduction can be achieved, virtually twice that of a standard solar reflective fabric.

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All blinds will give some degree of thermal insulation simply by reducing air flow over cold glass. Some blind fabrics perform better than others however. The aluminium based blinds tend to be best with roller fabrics keeping most heat in compared to pleated blinds. This is due to not requiring any holes for cables to pass through. The opposite is true if blinds are rebated though.