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Flies can be a major problem for conservatory roof blinds. Pleated roof blinds in particular suffer as flies end up squashed in the fabric as the blinds are opened and closed. As pleated blind fabrics are held close to the conservatory by cables it can be hard to access for cleaning with a vacuum cleaner extension. Removal of rectangle pleated blinds can be achieved reasonably easily but shaped blinds are more problematic. Pinoleum and roman blinds operate in the same manner to each other and although still collect flies, these can be removed using a vacuum cleaner attachment far more easily due to the way they stack.

Roller blinds are by far the lowest maintenance. The glass facing side of a roller roof blind fabric rolls outwards as the blind is retracted thus any flies acquired will simply roll off into the cassette. Some flies can get caught on the underside of the fabric if a cassette is not present but this is rare. Flies can be removed from the cassette by lowering the blind and using a vacuum cleaner attachment.

Blind cleaning companies are available and some manufacturers have cleaning contracts but acids given out from dead flies can prove impossible to completely remove.

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