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Pleated, pinoleum and roman roof blinds are generally operated by pole or remote control although cord operation can be an option few companies will offer this. For most applications this will be fine as no operation cords are required but any blinds higher than 3 metres are hard to operate by pole and most people would then opt for remote control substantially increasing the price. Although electric options are available for roof roller blinds, due to the cord operation technique employed they can still be operated by cord even if blinds are mounted over 3 metres thus eliminating the need for costly electrics.

For some, the appearance of cord wrapped around cleat is undesirable. Pleated, pinoleum and roman roof blinds use a friction system and therefore do not require this method of control. Electric systems do not require any cord and cleat or friction cord. Due to disability or hard to access areas and sometimes just shear luxury; electric blinds are sometimes the ideal solution. Somfy components are the most commonly used due to their reliability and long warranty. They tend to use radio remote control instead of the older infa red technology.

A major benefit of radio control is that it does not have to be aimed at the receiver. Simply point in any direction and the blinds will function appropriately. Zoning will be available as a rule. This means that certain groups of blinds can be operated independently of others. A Somfy Telis 4 controller can support 4 groups of blinds and also a fifth zone normally reserved for all blinds to operate simultaneously. This is probably the most commonly used controller on the market.

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