Pleated roof blinds

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Pleated roof blinds are probably the most widely available. Their most popular feature being the ability to be rebated into the window frames for a very discrete appearance. Conservatory sills are left free for plants and ornaments. Doors and tilt and turn windows are ideal locations for pleated blinds as they simply move with them as they are operated. No operation cords are required for rebated blinds within a certain area of fabric although these areas will vary from system to system.

For larger window blinds a cord lock operation system is usually employed and will be surface mounted. Pleated roof blinds are well suited to shallow roof angled, long recessed areas where optimizing light is important and heat is not an issue. Should heat be a problem, an aluminium backed pleated fabric will resolve this. Conservatories with decorative facia usually opt for pleated roof blinds as they don’t obscure any aesthetic facia décor. Wood or upvc Georgian and lean to conservatories are popular for pleated roof blinds. Operation can be pole or electric remote control.

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