Roller Roof Blinds

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Roller roof blinds are an excellent solution for conservatories which have few rectangle shapes and many triangle shapes, normally cord or electrically operated motorized blinds. Roller roof blinds can cover multiple panes easily, reducing light gaps and keeping down cost.

roller roof blinds
Roller roof blinds have a big advantage for glass roof conservatories due to only having one cord per blind. Should dead flies build up simply retract the blind and pull back up. All the flies roll off the blind into the cassette. Roller roof blinds tend not to suit drops over three metres, trapezium shapes or recess fits. All our glass roof blinds can easily be automated so sheltering from the sun can be achieved both quickly and without effort, our roller systems are superb at achieving maximum solar protection from above.


Manufacturers of Roller roof blinds are rare as pleated and pinoleum blinds are easier and more forgiving to fit. However if fitted correctly and in the appropriate scenario there are many significant advantages over alternative types of blind. Best suited to upvc construction Victorian and Edwardian shaped conservatories. Excellent value for money, very good heat reduction and low maintenance made this type of blind hard to beat when fitted in the correct situation. All our ceiling blind packages can be supplied and custom made and fitted, we will carry out a quick survey to obtain the exact measurments and your made to measure roof blind system will be manufactured to your exact tastes. Our design experts can assist you in choosing the correct fabrics and guide you on choice of colour.

Roller Roof Blinds and Automation

We can provide motorized remote control systems with either wall mounted or hand held control, all our electric systems are full guaranteed and make us of the same fabric range as our manual products. We can provide thermal light protection for most glass roof structures, be it an office or sunroom, Hotel lounge or luxury appartment.

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The biggest tip we could give anyone wishing to buy Roller Roof blinds is, be wise and ensure you get a number of quotes before you purchase. Most Conservatory Blinds companies train their staff to get a signature on the day they visit you, the reason they do this is because they are scared you will find out that another company is offering a low price. For example if you were looking for motorized roller roof blind deals, the sales person will almost certainly offer you a “once only” incentive if you sign on the day. This is an old trick that blinds companies use to make you think you may lose out if you wait, chances are you could get another quote and save £150 instead of £50.

We urge anyone who obtains a quote for our Roof roller systems to also consult another company, this way you will be sure you are getting a fair deal.

We can supply and fit all kinds of roof blinds in many ceiling applications, All our roller systems are custom made to fit your needs exactly, we will survey fit and supply to your exact specifications. Also we can assist you in design and fabric choice. We have years of expertise in this area and know what is best if you are choosing blinds for wither heat reduction, privicy or simply for interior design reasons.

We sell Roof Roller Blinds for….

– Conservatories
– Kitchen Skylights
– Luxury ceiling areas
– Homes
– Offices

If you are interested in automation we can provide a superb electric remote control roller roof blind system, this is suitable for most roof applications from homes to conservatories…

Patience is a virtue that can pay highly, especially when you are shopping for Roller Roof Blinds, motorized blinds or any other light control product.

Roller Roof Blinds Nationwide in the UK

We can supply either manual or electric roller roof blinds to the entire UK, we can send someone to your home or business anywhere in the United Kingdom. We can show you a massive ranbe of materials and then measure for a quote, we offer a guarantee on all our roller roof blinds.













In addition to roller roof blinds we can supply Motorized Blinds