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Most people think they will operate their blinds much more than they end up actually doing but when more light is required some blinds will be less obtrusive when stacked than others. It might be the case that a decorative facia like those found on some ultraframe roofs should be kept visible. This is where pleated blinds benefit. However pleated blinds require a system to pull flat any diagonal sides using additional cords. This does a reasonable job but still can look messy when compared to a roller cassette option.

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By using cassettes, roller blinds are neatly tucked away whilst not required. If cassettes are mitred into corners this gives a much more integrated feel. Cassettes also stop dead flies being deposited onto your conservatory sills leaving you the option to use a vacuum cleaner attachment when you feel ready. Pinoleum folds in a roman style giving a pelmet effect. Most find this very aesthetic but some will prefer to have their conservatory facia more visible. Where shaped blinds are concerned triangles will form along any diagonal areas when the blinds are retracted. Again all part of the charm of pinoleum.

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Roman blinds function in a similar manner to pinoleum but due to lower gauge fabrics tend to fold flatter. Larger gauge pleated fabrics don’t stack as neatly as finer gauge ones resulting in a much more bulky stack. Stayflat cording is essential in this case. Pleated blinds look fine when shading though, so do consider how much of the time the blinds will be in shading position. Roller roof blinds can deal with much higher gauge fabrics such as aluminium backed fabric without the need to be concerned about stacking.

There are two types of aluminium blind fabrics generally available, one of which has a polyester fabric stitched to the aluminium the other is bonded and has a white plastic coating added, sandwiching the aluminium. Pinoleum and roman blinds can be quite bulky when stacked. Pinoleum blinds more so than roman due to the fabric being much thicker.